The team of researchers specialising in the field of Globalisation of Innovation at CIRCLE

Cristina Chaminade, PhD

Cristina Chaminade is currently Full Professor in Innovation Studies at CIRCLE. She holds a PhD in Economics and a degree in Economics and Business Administration. Her PhD thesis on Innovation and Knowledge flows in the ICT (Information and Telecommunication) sector in Spain was awarded best thesis in Economics 1998-1999.

Her research focuses mainly on understanding how firms, regions and nations create and use knowledge for innovation when knowledge is globally distributed, and how policies can be designed to support innovation in a global context. Methodologically, she has a strong preference for comparative analysis of industries and regions across the globe. Theoretically, her main anchor is the system of innovation approach. Currently she coordinates several projects on globalization of innovation with partners in Europe, China, India, South Africa and Brazil funded by the Swedish Research Council, the European Union (FP7) or the Rijksbanken and Volkswagen Foundation.

She is currently working on several papers on innovation policy and globalization of innovation. She has published in international journals, refereed books and handbooks in the fields of innovation, development studies and knowledge management. She has also edited several special issues and books, like the Handbook of Innovation Systems and Developing Countries (2009, Edward Elgar). She has been visiting researcher at the Norwegian Academy of Sciences, German Development Institute, SPRU and CENTRIM, Norwegian School of Management and Uppsala University.

CV of Cristina Chaminade Jan 2013


Davide Castellani, PhD

DavideDavide Castellani is a research fellow at CIRCLE in the Globalisation of Innovation area. Davide Castellani is an Associate Professor in Applied Economics at the University of Perugia and a Research Fellow of Centro Studi Luca d’Agliano, CIRCLE and IFH. He holds a PhD from the University of Ancona. His research focuses on the determinants of the internationalization of firms and its effects on international technology transfer and firms’ economics performances, including the location choice of multinational firms and the effects of foreign investments on productivity in the home and host countries. His works have been published in international journals including, Cambridge Journal of Economics, Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organization, Journal of International Economics, Oxford Economic Papers, The Review of World Economics/Welwirtshaftliches Archiv, The World Economoy. He is the author (together with A. Zanfei) of a book on “Multinational Firms, Innovation and Productivity”, which has been published by Edward Elgar in 2006.

CV Davide Castellani


Ju Liu, PhD

Ju  Liu is a postdoc researcher in CIRCLE. She got her PhD on Innovation Studies in 2010. She has worked in China, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden on firm’s innovation and innovation networks. Her current research interests are global innovation network, innovation system and innovation policy. Theoretically, her main anchor is innovation studies, particularly innovation systems approach and innovation networks, but more recently economic geography and international business. Methodologically, she has been extensively working with social network analysis using firm-level primary data. She has a long experience conducting and coordinating research projects at the international level. She is also an editorial board member and scientific committee member of international journals.

CV of Ju Liu


Sverre Herrstad, PhD

sverreSverre Herstad is currently a postdoctoral research fellow at University of Agder and postdoctoral fellow II at CIRCLE. He has recent experience in innovation policy implementation from the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry where he worked as a senior advisor from 2010 to 2011. He conducts cutting-edge research on globalization and regional dynamics. He has previously coordinated two international projects on globally networked innovation, and participated in several other projects dealing with these issues. Sverre will be on leave for 2013.

CV of Sverre Herstad


Jannika Mattes, PhD

39937bdf37Jannika Mattes is Junior Professor for the European Societies at the Carl-von-Ossietzy University in Oldenburg, Germany and a researcher at CIRCLE. She defended her PhD thesis on innovation in multinational companies and its regional embeddedness in 2010. International research stays took her to Uppsala, Utrecht, London and Lund. Her research focuses on innovation in an international setting. It includes studies on multinational companies, their international reach and their regional embeddedness. Moreover, Jannika works on regional restructuration processes in the renewable energy sector and asks how these are shaped by national and international forces.

CV Jannika Mattes Nov 2012


Teis Hansen, PhD

Portrait Teis

Teis Hansen is a postdoc researcher at CIRCLE. He holds a PhD in economic geography from the University of Copenhagen (2012). Teis has a specific interest in innovation processes in the cleantech industry. His current research focuses on technology transfer from developed to emerging economies within the field of renewable energy, as well as the importance of spatial aspects of innovation processes for sustainability transitions. Additionally, Teis also works on innovation in cross-border regions and low-tech industries.

CV of Teis Hansen


Markus Grillitsch, PhD

MarcusMarkus joined CIRCLE as Post Doc Researcher in August 2012. He holds a doctoral degree in socio-economic studies from the Vienna University of Economics and Business. He has a broad background in regional development in different institutional contexts including new and old EU member states, transition economies and developing countries. His main research interest is to understand innovation and change processes in a spatial context and how they relate to economic growth and competitiveness. Markus is interested in concepts and approaches that empower policy makers, firms and engaged citizens to take a stake in regional development processes.

CV of Markus Grillitsch


Monica Plechero, PhD

IMG_1894Monica Plechero has obtained her Ph.D. in economic geography from CIRCLE and the Department of Human Geography, Lund University on December 2012. She is currently visiting the Institute of Research on Population and Social Policy at Italian National Research Council (CNR) in Rome. Her main research topic concerns global innovation networks and different forms of globalization of innovation in developing countries. She is particularly interested in studying firms located in emerging Regional Innovation Systems. Monica’s recent research is related on how Chinese and Indian firms are upgrading their innovation capabilities to go internationally, and how regional and global linkages are effecting firms’ capability to compete in the global market.

In these last years she has been involved in several projects on globalization of innovation with partners in Europe, China, India, South Africa and Brazil.

CV of Monica Plechero


Gouya Harirchi, PhD fellow

Gouya Harirchi is a Ph.D. fellow at the Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics, Copenhagen Business School (CBS) since 2010. Before joining CBS, Gouya studied the MSc. on Society, Science and Technology at CIRCLE and worked as a research assistant for around a year after her graduation. She has a broad interest in issues related to open innovation and innovation across geographical boundaries. The topic of her research is focused on global sources of innovation; she has been working on firm level data from Brazil, India, China and South Africa.

CV Gouya Harirchi


Keyvan Alvandi, PhD fellow

Keyvan Alvandi is a PhD fellow at CIRCLE and is part of the project entitled ‘The Challenge of Globalisation: Technology driven foreign direct investment(TFDI) and its implications for the negotiations of International (bi and multilateral) Investment Agreements. He obtained his M.S.c in Society, Science and Technology also from Lund University and his thesis was on ‘Focused and General Science parks; a study of New Technology based firms within Life-Sciences in Sweden. He graduated from a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Troy University, UAE.

CV of Keyvan Alvandi


Lucinda David, PhD Fellow

hämta (2)Lucinda Rosenqvist is a PhD candidate at CIRCLE and is part of the Globalisation of Innovation research team. She has an MA in Economics with Lund University and is interested in measuring the institutional landscape in which innovation networks are embedded.

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