psbC31D61WUResearch in the Globalization of Innovation area at CIRCLE focuses on the global dimensions of innovation processes. Our aim is to further conceptualize global innovation networks (GINs) and to understand its dynamics and impact on firms and regions. We are particularly interested in analyzing the interplay between  micro (firm) and meso (region) characteristics and different forms of GINs including global research collaboration, global sourcing of knowledge and off-shoring of R&D and innovation, as well as its impact in terms of innovation, well-being and growth. We do so through the systematic comparative analyses of firms and regions across the globe. We are constructing a large data base -the GlobInn data set- containing firm-level information on innovation and internationalization strategies across the globe which allows us to compare, for example, innovation capabilities of firms in India, China or Sweden in specific industries, and the way that they participate in global innovation networks.  Theoretically, we draw on international business, economic geography and innovation studies, among others. We have a portfolio of projects funded by different organizations, some of which are European Commission 7th Framework program, the Swedish research council and the Rijkbanken Jubileum Fund. We have strong partnerships with researchers across Europe, Latin America, China, India and South Africa, demonstrating the distinct international character of our research area.

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