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You will find the access to the platform as well as the list of regular topics and special sessions by following this link:

More information on the special session on “The changing geography of innovation: Technology driven foreign direct investment (TFDI) in Europe by Emergin Multinationals” may be found here.


On May 22nd, Prof. Cristina Chaminade participated in the workshop ‘Interactive learning in Global value chain and in National innovation system – Capacity building to escape the poverty and the middle income traps’, organized by Aalborg university in Copenhagen. The purpose of the workshop was to:

  1. To clarify conceptual issues related to the two approaches – both common ground and theoretical differences.
  2. To discuss a research program that aims at clarifying to what degree the two approaches are complementary when it comes to understand and build the link between innovation and development.
  3. To get a better understanding of policy implications that can be derived from the two approaches.
  4. To explore the potential for developing one or more research projects that can use the Globelics platform for meetings and exchange of ideas.

Participants from all regional chapters of Globelics attended the meeting. Follow up activities will be organized during the next Globelics Conference in Havana in September 2015


Between May 27-30 we closed the EU and Global challenges project funded by the Rijksbankens Jubileumsfund with a workshop on Technology Driven FDI from Emerging Countries: Challenges and Opportunities for Europe which took place in Pisa (Italy). Key note speakers were Giovanni Dosi (Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies), Ram Mudambi (Temple University)  and Torben Pedersen (Copenhagen Business School and Bocconi University). The workshop brought together around 25 scholars from all over the world.


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