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medium_374918002Final workshop MIUR-PRIN Project
Production, R&D and Knowledge Offshoring: Economic Analyses and Policy Implications
September 24-25, 2013 
Università Bocconi, Milan 
Offshoring has received great attention in recent years, although the practice to locate activities abroad is a long- lasting phenomenon. One of the reasons for this rise of interest can be traced back to the changing characteristics of internationalization processes. Recent developments point out to the multifaceted nature of the allocation of business activities in foreign countries. In particular, offshoring can take place either within a single multinational firm (captive offshoring) or through a variety of market transactions and partnerships among firms (international outsourcing), and can also involve a wide array of activities, from manufacturing to services, including R&D and other knowledge generating activities. To gain a better understanding of these distinct but interrelated aspects of offshoring, the workshop solicits submissions aiming at advancing our knowledge on the determinants and effects of offshoring.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: The determinants of production, R&D and knowledge-related offshoring; The differential role played by distance in explaining bilateral R&D investments, as compared with the case of trade and of production investments; The role of innovation and market competition on offshoring decisions; How firm characteristics help explain firm’s engagement in international offshoring, as opposed to local outsourcing.; International partnerships as a means of knowledge offshoring; The effects of offshoring of production and R&D activities on job displacement, wages and tasks composition; The effects of immigration and offshoring on job opportunities and wage levels of natives; The offshorability of different knowledge tasks; The effects of R&D offshoring strategies on performance at home; Offshoring strategies in emerging as opposite to developed markets; Policy implications of offshoring.

The call invites submissions of full papers addressing the above and related topics at various levels of analysis and with different methodologies (quantitative, qualitative as well as analytic).

Keynote Speakers

Keld Laursen Copenhagen Business School, Rajneesh Narula University of Reading Scientific Committee, Davide Castellani University of Perugia, Maria Luisa Mancusi Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Gianmarco Ottaviano Università Bocconi, Grazia Santangelo University of Catania, Antonello Zanfei University of Urbino, 

Important Dates: Paper submission: June 30, 2013, Notification to authors: July 20, 2013, Conference website

Participants who wish to present their contribution at the workshop are invited to submit a full paper at (Please specify in the object: Submission for MIUR-PRIN workshop). The workshop is organized as part of a research project on “Production, R&D and Knowledge Offshoring: Economic Analyses and Policy Implications”, funded by the Italian Ministry of University and Research (PRIN 2009).

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